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Will I see the repair?

It depends on the type of repair:

  • Respray – Typically, after we respray, you will not see the repair. We put a considerable amount of careful preparation before we even begin to respray. This is the secret to our often flawless finish.
  • Brush Touch – If you choose to go for a cheaper option, such as ”brush touching”, you will see the repair. The look of your car will still be dramatically improved, but brush touching is easily detectable, especially if you look closely.
Important Note: From time to time, there are minor errors in our finished paintwork – for example, specs of dust or very slight overspray. This is the unavoidable risk of being a mobile service, working at your location. These cases are rare and in all these cases, the minor imperfections are not typically detectable upon first glance. Unfortunately, the only way to avoid these environmental problems is to take your car to a panel shop for painting in a spray booth. If you are extremely fussy, we recommend you go to a panel shop. If, like most of our customers, you are happy to risk a small dust spec and still save hundreds of dollars, give us a call today!
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