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How do I know if you can fix my alloy wheels?

There are 4 different types of finishes on wheels.

  1. Standard Alloys. 1st is the most common, typical ”standard” painted alloy. These look silver and we can easily repair the scratches to them.
  2. Polished Alloys. The 2nd type is the ”polished” alloy. Polished alloys look shiny like the ”kitchen sink”. We can still remove the scratches, but we cannot replicate the machined (grooved) finish on the wheel. If you don’t care about the restoring/maintaining the machined/grooved look, we will happliy do the repair for you. If you DO care about keeping the machined look, your wheels will need to go to a specialist for repair.
  3. Shadow Chrome. The 3rd type of wheel is Shadow Chrome. Shadow chrome is a touchy subject for repairers because it requires artistic skill to achieve the Shadow Chrome finish. It is NOT a matter of merely painting the wheel with this type of paint, but rather a special technique. Smart Finish have had great result achieving the shadow chrome finish and we’d be happy to give you a quote (see Shadow Chrome photos here).
  4. Chrome. The 4th type is Chrome. Obviously, these are NOT alloy but rather steel wheels that have been chrome-bathed. We do NOT repair Chrome wheels… and (just in case you’re wondering), because Chrome is not painted, there’s no such thing as real “chrome paint”. If you do find a product called “chrome paint”, don’t be fooled… you’ll also need the expensive equipment that comes with it!
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