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Do You Offer a Warranty?

No. Smart Finish does not offer a warranty on cosmetic vehicle repairs. This is because we cannot control the way in which you drive and store your vehicle. We cannot control how your vehicle use and storage will affect paintwork and/or other cosmetic vehicle repairs.

Rare Minor Imperfections

From time to time, there are minor errors in our finished paintwork – for example, specs of dust or very slight overspray. This is the unavoidable risk of being a mobile service, working at your location. These cases are rare and in all these cases, the minor imperfections are not typically detectable upon first glance. Unfortunately, the only way to avoid these environmental problems is to take your car to a panel shop for painting in a spray booth. If you are extremely fussy, we recommend you go to a panel shop. If, like most of our customers, you are happy to risk a small dust spec and still save hundreds of dollars, give us a call today!


While Smart Finish takes every reasonable measure to ensure the quality of workmanship on your vehicle, Smart Finish makes no representations or warranties, whether express or implied, as to the longevity, completeness, quality, functionality or reliability of repairs made to any vehicle.

Whilst we take reasonable steps to ensure the completeness and quality of repairs to your vehicle, we accept no liability or responsibility, to the extent allowed by law, for any loss or damage that may arise from reliance on the cosmetic repairs to your vehicle.

Specific legal advice and insurance advice about your vehicle insurance circumstances should always be sought separately before hiring Smart Finish to complete any cosmetic repairs to your vehicle.

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