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Scratch repairs for Luxury cars in Perth

Yes, we repair luxury cars!

It’s amazing how many people with ‘luxury’ cars think their car is too “special” to be repaired with our services. I understand that point of view somewhat: you have an expensive car, so you wan’t to look after it. You’re also often told by the dealer that you MUST return to their dealership for all repairs. But here’s something that might surprise you…

When you take your luxury car to the original dealer for ‘factory original’ repairs… the dealer often just calls me! Or one of my competitors. Or they take your car for a few days and take it down to the local panel shop. It’s very rare that a dealership has their own in-house SMART Repair team.

So that means, the wisest decision is to call us directly. You’ll save money and time and you’ll get the same high quality workmanship.

Maserati in Perth – Bumper Repairs

Here are some pics from just last week when we completed extensive bumper repairs to this Maserati in Perth.

No, we don’t forget the little guy…

Not everyone has luxury cars. In fact, most people don’t. So, while we often repair fancy cars, we also repair all make and models, even a basic Hyundai Excel or Suzuki Swift. So don’t be shy to give us a call!

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