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Will the colour match?

Yes! Our computerised colour database uses a powerful colour matching system. Not only can it match the colour of your make and model, the system contains well over 4000 variant colour chips. We can match your colour very accurately – just the same as a panel beater or body shop.

Important Note: If your existing paint colour is very faded (compared to the original) or in bad condition, then you might notice a very slight difference between the new paint repair and the existing paint work. These cases are rare and in all these cases, the minor colour difference is not typically detectable upon first glance. Unfortunately, the only way to avoid these colour match problems is to take your car to a panel shop for painting in a spray booth – where they will paint and/or replace the entire panel (instead of a spot repair like we do). If you are extremely fussy and anxious about the colour, we recommend you go to a panel shop. If, like most of our customers, you’re happy to have the damage gone with minimal fuss and save hundreds, even thousands of dollars, give us a call today!

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