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All Vehicles Great and Small… and Weird

Here at Smart Finish, we get to see/repair/drive all sorts of vehicles. Old or new, cheap or expensive, utility or luxury. We think it’s fairly safe to say, however, that we haven’t yet repaired any of these Aussie-built cars! Check out this article for a brief history lesson.

12 weirdest cars ever built in Australia

12 weirdest cars ever built in Australia, written by Malcolm Flynn in Car News · Carsguide · 7 February 2014

12 weirdest cars ever built in Australia, Malcolm Flynn in Car News · Carsguide · 7 February 2014

With all the recent news about local car manufacturing, you could be forgiven for thinking Australia has only ever built Fords, Holdens and Toyotas. But in fact, we’ve got a long, varied – and often quite weird – car building history.

From a bugeyed oddity spawned by a company who honed their skills on washing machines and cement mixers, to a car co-designed by a motoring journalist, there are a host of strange vehicles lurking in our past. Here are some of the best…

Perhaps the most surprising car in the list is the “Goggomobile”, which – thanks to this old YellowPages advert – you might have always believed was a Scottish import. Not so according the article above!

The list of cars includes:

  • Adayer Sportiff
  • Bolwell
  • Bufori
  • Bullet
  • Giocattolo
  • Goggomobile
  • Hartnett
  • Lightburn Zeta
  • Mazda Roadpacer
  • Mitsubishi Sigma Peter Wherrett Special
  • Overlander 4WD
  • Recaro Mystere/Arcadipane Taipan

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