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Getting quotes for car repairs… don’t believe everything they say.

Colour cars for every vehicle make and model you can imagine! Let us give you a genuine, honest quote.

Colour cars for every vehicle make and model you can imagine! Let us give you a genuine, honest quote. Don’t get ripped off.

Here’s a quick tale from the trenches; a reminder to double-check panel beater quotes!

Assessing the Damage

I had a customer a few weeks ago who brought his car to me for assessment. The car had some very minor scratches on the rear bumper. Upon inspection, I knew these would be easy to fix and was happy to help him out.

What he told me next shocked me!

As I told him how minor the damage was, he in turn told me he went to 2 panel beaters in Joondalup who both told him the rear bumper needed removing and repainting! AND they told thim the tailgate ( coz it’s a ute ) would also need removing. These well known panel shops told him everything needed to be removed, repainted and then all realigned.

I was outraged to hear this. Why? Because it simply wasn’t true. The panel shops were lying to him to make a quick buck. As a small businessman and family man, I hate seeing people ripped off.

And it just wiped off…

I’m so glad he brough the car to me because I took one look at it, went to my van to get my ”magic stuff”, came back and wiped everything off!! That’s right – it just WIPED OFF! To his amazement, his car now doesn’t need repainting! (After all, it never did).

So please folks, don’t believe everything you’re told when getting quotes for cosmetic vehicle repairs. If it sounds over-priced, it probably is. And if you’re at a panel shop for minor scratches, dents and dings, you’ll probably be overcharged. Give me a call because I can repair minor damage for a fraction of the price at a location that suits you.

A NOTE ABOUT PANEL SHOPS: Please note, I am not anti-panel shop. When it comes to BIG damage, you NEED a panel shop. Many panel shops are honest and reliable. When you find a great panel shop, they’ll work wonders with your car and make it look like new. If your car’s damage is too big for my SMART repair techniques, I will refer you to a panel shop who can do a first class job at an honest price.

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