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Polished Alloy Rims – Can They Be Repaired?

Polished Rim Repairs, Perth Western Australia

What Are Polished Alloys? (Machined Rims)

Polished alloy wheels, also known as machined rims, have a distinct factory finish that makes them appear scored (or textured) and not completely smooth like non-machined alloys.

Can Smart Finish Repair Polished Rims?

Yes and No. “Yes”, we can repair the damage (remove scratches) and repaint the wheel, but “no”, we cannot re-machine the wheel. Given the nature of SMART Repairs, we do not carry a wheel-polishing machine, so we cannot re-score (re-texture) your rims. That said, we can repair some polished rims, depending on the design of the wheel and the extent of the damage.

To find out whether we can repair your wheel without re-machining, you will need to send us photos for a quote.

Example – Polished/Machined Alloy with Kerb Damage (Slide Photos)

Polished Rims Before
Photo 1: BMW BEFORE – Here is an example of a machined rim with kerb damage. In this case, the rim is highly polished. Other machined rims may be more or less polished, but their original/factory finish always looks textured, not smooth.
Polished Rims After
Photo 2: BMW AFTER – Because the damaged area was limited to the bead, we were able to achieve this result without needing to machine the wheel. We think this looks pretty good and so do our clients! When standing back from about 1/2 a meter away you can’t even see the repair.
Polished Alloy Repairs Before
Photo 3: AUDI BEFORE –
Polished Alloy Repairs Not Remachined
Photo 4: AUDI DURING – You can see how the repair process, which involves grinding out damage, not only removes the damage, but also removes the factory finish. The repaired area is smooth, while the original area is textured.
Polished Alloy Wheel Repairs After
Photo 5: AUDI AFTER – By painting the area using a special painting technique, we have imitated the factory machined look, without a machine. The repair is still slightly visible, but 100% better than before!

Your 3 Options for Polished Rim Repairs in Perth

  1. Get us, Smart Finish, to repair the damage and imitate the original factory/machined look without actual machining.
  2. Ask Smart Finish to repair the damage and don’t bother restoring the machined finish. Yes, that’s right! Some people could care less whether their wheels are machined or not – they just want the damage gone. If that sounds like you, we can easily grind back the damage and give you shiny, smooth wheels. This is especially useful for people with damage on all four wheels who are trying the keep the costs down.
  3. Get your rims properly re-machined. In Perth, this service is offered by Alliance Rim Repairs in Malaga. These guys do a great job and we highly recommend them. Please note you will need to either leave your car with them, or take your wheels to them for a day or two. Alliance’s repairs are more expensive, but you will get the original finish. Our repairs are cheaper, can be done at your location, and although we remove scratches we can we only “imitate” the machined look.

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